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Stephen’s Story

“Having had the long experience of seeing my parents succumb to two of the major killers, cancer and heart disease I thought I could handle anything. How wrong could I have been!

When my wife started to exhibit strange and obsessive behavior patterns I put this down to hormones and that it would soon stabilise and everything would be normal.”
Unfortunately things just got worse, to the point where it began affecting our everyday lives. I frequently got angry, shouting at my wife, to stop being silly and pull herself together. This is definitely not the right thing to do.

Things got worse and I found myself progressing through stages of anger, fear, confusion and frustration at not knowing how to handle the problem. I was tired and my work was being affected. We both needed help’.

Several years on I still remember what happened as if it was yesterday. The whole thing was a horrific experience that I would not wish on anyone. Fortunately we got help from our GP, who had recently been to a seminar about this area and was able to refer us to a specialist unit. We are now a very happy family.”

Stephen is married to Petra and has a beautiful daughter Victoria.