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Matthew’s Story

“From what I remember, seven years on, of the time when we went through the most awful year of our lives I now take comfort knowing that so much good has been achieved as a result of Charlotte’s illness. I strongly feel that it was God’s will for Charlotte to unfortunately suffer this dreadful malady so that she could help so many mums in what we all know is such a common occurrence.

If you want me to describe what it was like to live through the period when Holly was first born then I would only say that I would never wish that experience on anyone. It was horrendous to have been given this beautiful child for whom your partner felt no love or attachment. The realization of this during the first year was very hard to bear.

The good news in all of this will always be that if you have the strength to live with this illness is that things do get better, your family does comes back and that you all become one again. As a family it is probably the most universally bonding experience you can go through – it tests your commitment to the full.”

Matthew is married to Charlotte with 2 beautiful children – Holly and Jacob