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Looking back I think I was starting to become unwell during the latter part of my pregnancy. Three weeks after a cesarean section I was suffering very high temperatures which it became apparent was due to post op complications. At about this time I was beginning to recognise signs of depression as I had suffered clinical depression some years previously.

It was such a taboo subject that even my own husband didn’t want me to talk to the health visitor about how I was feeling. However, I knew that I had the best chance for a quick recovery if I sought help sooner rather than later. (read more…)

“My husband and I lost our first baby back in 1997 and the miscarriage made me very depressed. I didn’t know how to grieve for my baby as there was no funeral or grave to go to. A year later I was expecting my daughter. The birth was very traumatic as my placenta had become detached and I was bleeding heavily. My daughter was delivered five weeks early by caesarean section. I remember thinking ‘But I’m not ready yet!’

At first everything seemed to go well. I bonded well with her and enjoyed breast feeding. But five weeks later I began to feel very anxious and I could not explain why. (read more…)

All my life I had dreamed of becoming a mummy and when I fell pregnant with my daughter Tamara I was thrilled. I had a normal pregnancy and a good delivery. But after 3 months I was out walking in the park with my husband and I tripped and broke my arm. I was unable to pick her up, change her and my husband had to put her to my breast to feed. At my lowest point I would feed and change her but not want to be with her. I turned to my husband several times on several occasions and said I think she should go to another mummy (read more…)

“I had my first child in July 2000 after an OK pregnancy except for anaemia and some concerns that he may be on the small side. His birth was fairly easy and he weighed 6lb 10 oz. The first night in hospital I stayed awake and held his hand for most of the night while he slept soundly. Around me 2nd and 3rd time mums had their babies removed to another room so they could get a good nights sleep – I wondered why. I was totally unprepared for the arduousness of early mumhood. (read more…)

I always loved children and my dream was to get married and have children of my own so I was delighted when I fell pregnant after just six months of being married!

I loved being pregnant but started to get a bit fed up when the baby was 10 days late and tried all sorts of things to bring labour on! Frustratingly I had to be induced which made the labour quite long and when James was born he was grey and unresponsive – he had swallowed maconium and had to be rushed off to special care. (read more…)

“It wasn’t until my waters broke that it dawned on me that I was going to give birth within the next few hours. For months my husband Steven and I had been planning the arrival of our first child. We had planned for every eventuality; we had baby grows in numerous sizes and colours, some long sleeved, some short sleeved in case there was a heat wave in March. However, we never discussed being postnatal – but then why would we! (read more…)

My pregnancy and my Birth, I have to say, were brilliant. I felt fantastic in the clothes, my hair was looking great and I loved the experience. There was one issue that made me very uncomfortable throughout my whole pregnancy though and that was feeding my baby. I think I knew from very early on that the fear of having a little baby be so dependent on me was going to be overwhelming, along with a medical condition that meant there was a very small chance the baby could be affected by tablets I was taking, (read more…)