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Christmas Survival


When you are recovering from postnatal illness, the Christmas holiday period can feel very daunting as there is an unspoken wish for everything to be perfect!  The most important gift for yourself and your family is for you to be as well as you can be. At Hertfordshire Postnatal Illness Support our volunteers have come up with their top tips for surviving the festive period.

• Assemble complicated toys before Christmas Day, so that you are not panicking where screw drivers and batteries are in the house.
• Do not invite unnecessary guests if this will add to your stress, you can always invite them just before or after Christmas.  If they are family or true friends they will understand your need to do what feels right for you and your precious family!
• Don’t accept every invitation you receive to see family or friends.  Think who you would like to be with, so that you do not put extra pressure on yourself to smile and socialise!
• Do not feel that you have to tackle all your presents at the shops.  If you have access to a computer or your partner has access, then make a list of what you would like and go to big store website…all can deliver!
• Don’t stress about wrapping the children’s presents as they will only rip the paper off!  Think green and just use the bag the present came in.
• Cheat with Christmas cooking!  If Delia Smith can do it, then so can you.  All supermarkets have fantastic ranges of ready prepared festive food, so let them do the hard work and simply fill your table and take the credit!  Or ask anyone coming for a meal to bring a dish.
• Pace yourself and don’t try to be Superwoman.  Take time out for you, whether it is for a hot soak in your bath or a walk in the park.  It’s hard being a mum without having a crippling illness on top.  Remember to keep breathing….slowly.

Finally enjoy your family and see the joy and love in their eyes and know it is because of YOU and your wonderful nurturing love and care that they are able to feel this way.  You are a wonderful mum! Have a Merry and Peaceful Christmas from everyone at Hertfordshire Postnatal Illness Support!