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Herts PNI

Welcome to Hertfordshire Postnatal Illness Support

Our charity works with families across Hertfordshire offering support, information and suggestions on how to cope with postnatal illness and its effects on the family.

We are exceptionally lucky that we have a team of committed volunteers who use their life experiences of postnatal illness to support mums and dads on their road to recovery.

Do not suffer in silence. Postnatal Illness is a recognised medical illness which does not last forever. The quicker you get help, the quicker you will recover. So let us see how we can help you on your road to recovery!

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What Causes PNI ?

There are many possible causes for postnatal illness and postnatal depression.  It is unlikely that it is simply one cause but rather a number of different and difficult life experiences. Possible reasons for postnatal illness and postnatal depression are:

  • A mum has had previous mental health problems, including depression or she has had depression or anxiety during pregnancy.
  • A mum does not have a solid support network of family and friends, so there is a feeling of isolation.
  • A mum may have experienced a recent stressful event – e.g. a bereavement, a relationship ending or losing a job

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Charity Talks

  Who We Are


In a bid to help mums who suffer from postnatal illness (PNI) in Hertfordshire, we established our charity in 2003.

The charity is run by mums for mums and their families.

We have experienced postnatal illness, postnatal depression, postpartum psychosis, maternal OCD amongst many other diagnoses and want to share our invaluable first-hand knowledge and offer support to those families currently living with PNI.

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  Email SupportHow We Can Help


An ill mum may choose to speak with a support mum who has had PNI and recovered. She can offer the ill mum reassurance and support.

We offer one-to-one telephone support, support via email and monthly group meetings. We also have many contacts with other organisations who can help in other ways.

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Group Meetings

  Group Meetings


Monthly group meetings take place on an evening to provide space away from the home, babies and family.

The group meets in a home setting to provide an informal space for discussion, friendship and support. Hot food and drinks provided.

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