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Dear Mums, Dads and Health Professionals,

Welcome to Hertfordshire Postnatal Illness Support.

Our charity works with families across Hertfordshire offering support, information and suggestions on how to cope with postnatal illness and its effects on the family.

In 1999, I had Puerperal Psychosis the severest form of postnatal illness and ended up spending four months in a mother and baby unit! It was the most frightening and lonely experience of my life, as I had no understanding of postnatal illness or the symptoms. With expert help from the medical profession, support from family and friends I recovered completely.

In 2003 when my daughter started school I wanted to ensure other ill mums did not experience the same loneliness and isolation I had felt, which is often associated with this illness.

My friend Petra Leighton who had also had postnatal illness and I set up a support group for mums in the area. Its success at breaking the taboo and stigma attached to postnatal illness created two further support services for mums and dads which was the creation of the telephone support and email support. Finally we gained charitable status later that year!

We are exceptionally lucky that we have a team of committed volunteers who use their life experiences of postnatal illness to support mums and dads on their road to recovery.

Our website is packed with useful information about postnatal illness and we have powerful, poignant stories written by mums and dads about their experiences.

Please do not suffer in silence. Postnatal Illness is a recognised medical illness. Tell your partner, family and friends how you are feeling. Speak to your G.P, Midwife and Health Visitor to access the medical help you need. This illness does not last forever. The quicker you get help, the quicker you will recover.

Now let us see how we can help you on your road to recovery!

Charlotte Wilmer-Barbrook


Hertfordshire Postnatal Illness Support

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